Sep 092013

I spent a busy morning today at F’s school, the Seoul Foreign School.  It was “High School Field Day”, and the PTA was cooking up hamburgers & hotdogs, with potato chips/crisps (as you prefer) for the 501 hungry SFS high school students.  We had some friends over for dinner on Friday, and I was enlisted to join the PTA team this morning (and, as Natalie predicted, the sole dad).

F. herself made an appearance before we started grilling, running past with a quick “hi Dad” and never to be seen again, although I suppose she must have had a burger at some point.

It was a lot of fun chatting with the other PTA members and I met a few more people / followed up with a few I’d already met.  The cooking itself was as expected… once you get into the rhythm, the whole burger thing was quite relaxing mentally.  Afterwards, we all knoshed on the remaining burgers and dogs — not sure how I was able to do that after cooking untold numbers of them, but there ya go, hunger is the best sauce.

After that, I was off to get a Korean book for F., do some food shopping and buy a wifi repeater… which is the next post.

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