A lot of the basic supplies you need (flour, sugar, etc) are available in food stores.  HomePlus, in particular, also has a small line of cake tins, cupcake trays, etc.  But you can’t find everything… so here are a few other places for those bits you can’t find.

“Bakers Alley”

BakingAlleyFor both baking equipment (pans, cupcake tins, etc) and a good selection of supplies, such as candy peel, nuts, sprinkles, etc.

By Metro:  Line 1 (Dark Blue) to Jongno-5 ga Station, Exit 7.  Walk straight on Dongho-ro, taking the brick bridge across the Cheonggyecheon stream.  As you cross the stream, you’ll see the entrance to the market to the right, on the cross-street (running along the stream), 방산종 합시장.  Turn in there, and then I suggest taking the first alley on the left.  There’s probably more than just the bit I’ve highlighted on the map.,127.001693&spn=0.001278,0.002658&t=m&z=19&mid=1392952895

Links about the market:

Bugak GroceryBugak Grocery

Small but helpful store (particularly if you live in or close to Seongbuk-dong / Hansung University Metro station, as I do).  Basically a small neighborhood shop specializing in foreign products.  E.g., my most convenient store for confectioners sugar, dried coconut, etc.  Not sure I’d recommend a special trip, but if you’re in the neighborhood for some reason, it’s worth checking out.

By Metro:  For what it is, I would not bother going there by metro.

It’s just a 2-minute walk downhill from the Gilsangsa Shrine.,126.996675&spn=0.005577,0.01398&t=m&z=17



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