The images below are only pictures, not actual videos!

1.  To play the video, press the JWplayer 1a Start Arrrow control

JWplayer 1 To start playing

2. Controls while playing:  Pause (on the left) or Full-Screen display (on the right)
JWplayer 2b Pause & FullScreen
JWplayer 2 Controls while playing

3. Replay!  You can press the Replay button JWplayer 3c Replay controls in the center, or you also have Play & Full-Screen-OnOff controls in the bottom-left & -right.  If you click on the full-screen control, you have the same 3 options (Replay in center, Play at bottom-left or Full-Screen-OnOff at the bottom-left)
JWplayer 3b Replay controls

JWplayer 3 Replay controls




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