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Well, Korea is a mountainous country and Seoul has got to be the most mountainous capital ever (ever?  Caracas and Wellington seemed pretty hilly to me…).  One side effect is that houses built on hills have funny floorplans and the sturdy Korean construction is quite good at blocking ye olde wyfy signalle.  WiFi Extender to the rescue!

I bought our second one today, and installed it — finally have a decent signal everywhere.  Two main routers, upstairs and down, each with its own extender.  I haven’t tried a daisy-chain of wifi extenders, but would be interested to know how that works.

Here’s what I did to get it to work.  I hope this helps — the included instructions were in Korean, with a few fuzzy pictures.   My laptop has Windows Vista, so some steps might be a little different for your computer.

You can click on any image for a larger version.

Where to get it

Well, “any better computer supply store” didn’t seem to work for me, so here are two more options:

  • Take the Seoul metro line 1 to the Yongsan station.  From the station, you can enter directly into IPark, which is around 8 floors of electronics, cameras, computer & related, white goods, etc.  If I remember correctly, I bought mine on floor 7, which was mostly computers but had a few stalls specializing in accessories including routers/wifi/etc.
  • More interesting, but less convenient, go to the old Electronics Market.   It’s a fascinating warren of little shops, and you can probably find anything there (I just wandered around but speaking Korean would help).  That’s where I bought my first Extender2.  To get there, you can either walk from the Yongsan station or you can take line 4 to the Sinyongsan station (exit 5) and then it’s a 5 minute walk through the pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks.  Beyond it are similar markets, e.g., for cameras, for P.A. systems, etc etc.

ipTIME Extender2

IPTime_1_box IPTime_2_box_back


ipTIME Extender2; ethernet cable; instruction pamphlet; plug attachment (Korean round 2-prong plug).

IPTime_3_contents IPTime_3b_contents



First, attach the plug to the ipTIME Extender2, just follow the instructions in the manual.

Next, plug in the Extender2 and attach it to your computer with the ethernet cable provided

Your computer will try to identify the Extender2.  Go to Network and Sharing Center (or the equivalent on your computer).

Click on View Status for the Extender2’s connection.  If your computer asks for your approval, click on OK.


The Network Connection Status window opens.  Click on Properties.

The Network Connection Properties window opens.  Select Internet Protocol v4 and then click on Properties.

The Internet Protocol V4 window opens.  Select “Use the following IP address” and enter IP Address, and enter Subnet Mask (the computer may enter the Subnet mask for you).  Then click on OK for each of the windows (closing the Internet Protocol window, the Network Connection Properties window, and the Network Connection Status window.

You can close the Network and Sharing Center window if you want.

Open your browser, and in the box for the URL (the web address), enter and then press enter.

The ipTIME Extender2 entry page will open.  Click on the yellow “gear” button.

In the next screen, click on the second drop down menu item.  (If there are only two options, click on the first to get its sub-menu items and then pick the second one from that list).
– in the first row, click on the 1st radio button (the one that does NOT say “AP”)
– in the third row, click on the button to the right of the box that probably says “IPTIME” (in the screenshot, it says “Irish Radio Seoul”), and a

A list of all the wireless routers that the Extender2 can find will pop up.  Select the item that you want and then click on the button in the bottom right.

You might be asked a question.  No choice but “OK” so click on that.

You are returned to the previous screen, which now has your router named in the box on the 3rd line.
– On the fifth row, I clicked on the 1st radio button, which selects no security, i.e., anyone can use my wifi.  (If you select one of the other options, it probably will just ask you for the wifi code to access your router.)
– Click on the little button to the bottom-right, to enter your data.


You might be asked to confirm something.  I just said OK.

To be sure, I also clicked on the green button in the top-right, that looks like a diskette (remember those?  ah, you just gave away your age!).  Might be asked a question again (just say OK).


Unplug the Extender2, unplug the ethernet cable.  Plug the Extender2 back in.  The instructions seems to suggest that you might need to push the button on the side (to turn it on/off) and/or to push the button on the front (apparently to change its mode).  I tried that, not sure if it made any difference, but definitely unplugging it / turning it off/back on seemed to be needed.



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  1. Thanks a bunch. Just successfully set up my Extender2 after following your instructions. The snapshots are provided useful informations.

  2. Thank s a lot. I just installed my Extender with the help of your posting.

  3. I’ve just bought the extender….does my router have to also be ipTime?? I’m anxious to open it and get it working…TIA.

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