Jan 192014

2013-01-18 18 Lunar New Year Market cropped

Yesterday, we went to the Lunar New Year market, in front of City Hall.  It was interesting, but there was only food for sale, and none of it was to eat on the spot (except a stall outside where we had lunch).  Almost wrecked my lunch plans!  After that, we looked at the ice skating rink (1,000 won / hour, including skates!  That’s around euro 70 cents.)

2013-01-18 ilmin museumThen we stopped off at the Ilmin Museum for their “Animism” exhibit.  It was very good, but seemed more about animate vs inanimate than about animism as such, although that was part of it too.  It’s here for a while yet, so I may go back again.  Beautiful tickets too.


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