Jan 182014

I’m a bit of an irregular blogger, as you may have noticed.  Here are some pics from a Korean barbeque dinner out that we had back on 11 Nov 2013.  The restaurant, recommended by a friend, was in a hotel not far from A’s office, so we parked there and walked.  Afterwards, we went for a stroll and ran across the Lantern Festival in Cheonggyecheon (the sunken creek that runs through the government / financial districts; there are a number of such creeks, which are wonderful pedestrian walkways).  As in many traditional restaurants that I’ve seen (and so all of them, I assume), a lot of diners opt for a private room.  Ours would have seated up to 4, but it was just the 3 of us (A., F. and myself).  While privacy can be nice, in general I prefer the ambiance of an open restaurant; I suppose it’s what you’re used to, eh?  Anyway, the meal was fantastic, we could comment on it secure in the knowledge that nobody could hear us (e.g., “do you think we should eat these dry noodles?”)…  Here are the pictures…



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