Aug 282013

I was exploring one of the neighborhoods near us, the area around Sungshin Women’s University metro stop, to which we can right a handy bus.  I was particularly looking for places where I can do a bit of foodshopping, as all that I’ve done so far has been in large stores, either the huge HomePlus at Yongdu metro or the also-huge LotteMart at Seoul Station.  We were taken to the former, and then I checked out the latter as it’s on a straight metro ride from our closest station.

Both are nice in their own way, and on my second visit to LotteMart, I successfully sourced clothes-pegs, 2 square jugs (with lid) that fit in the fridge door and a weighing scales.  I know that with scales “it’s not how much, it’s the direction that your weight is moving”, but it was cheering to find myself 4 kg lighter.

photo of tubs of chili and garlicAnyway, time to explore the neighborhood a little bit.  So a quick recce before catching the 1162 home from Sungshin Women’s U station (are the many “Women’s” universities I see around Seoul really still only for women?).

Quite a lot of shops, everything from Adidas and Abercrombie & Fitch to innumerable restaurants (a fish place looked interesting, as did one specializing in Bulgogi & Noodles, and another called “HOT” which seemed to have only pictures of octopus in chili sauce… but I digress) to the inevitable & numerous coffee shops to.. Donam Jeil market!  and the lane running parallel to it.  Now we’re talking… shops with very fresh fish of all kinds (often unfamiliar to me), vegetables, fruit, kimchee (many kinds, have their own shops), etc.  So we – or at least I – am looking forward to shopping a bit more locally in general and in particular until I can drive here.

My favorite was one that sold garlic, chili and very little else — a bit of ginger, some dried beans I think.  As the old Little Tavern chain used to say, “Buy ’em by the bag!”

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