Nov 282013

First… Although I work with IBM, the postings on this site are my own, and do not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions. That said, I was in the office today in Gangnam-gu for the IBM Korea Finance All-Hands meeting, led by Joe Kern.

I appreciated the invitation, since my work at the moment is not actually related to Korea, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing the presentations even though some were in English & some in Korean… I got a bit more out of the former than the latter (though it’s surprising how much graphs & charts actually tell you even then)!

Here’s a pic of Joe — he’s a bit blurry as he was in action discussing IBM’s Smarter Analytics with us!

2013-11-28 Joe Kern at AllHands meeting

BTW, I took the metro there & back.  No question, it’s the better way to go.  With luck, driving might be quicker, but the metro is more certain and you can read.  2013-11-28 Gmap-Pedometer home2work Either way, you’re looking at around 45-60 minutes and just 12.5 km [that’s 7.8 miles] as the crow flies (or, I think, around 15km of city traffic “as the car drives”; no guesses on the length via subway tunnel), based on (click on the pic for a larger but still not terribly detailed version; I couldn’t zoom any any further and get it on the screen).

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