Aug 172013

It’s a seriously long and steep hill that we live on. All of Seoul is on hills – heck, there are mountains inside city limits – so it’s not like this is unusual except to me. I commented to A’s driver that there are a lot of tunnels in Seoul (i.e. through all those hills!) he said “thousands”, not the 000’s I’d been thinking of. So, hilly, eh?


Anyway, on her second day at school, I picked up F at the bus stop. Walked down a bit early, allowing time since I’d not done the walk. The cool bit was the map that the Bus Coordinator at SFS sent me… not just the streets, nor even the alleys, but the narrow pedestrian cut-throughs too. I just nearly typed “700 meters flat” except it was far from flat…

So down I go & had a bit of a walk around when I got there, thinking about poor ol’ F trudging up that cliff face hill. 12 mins down (22 back up as it turned out). Trish says “sure it’ll be good for yer thighs” yah thanks Trish.


But it is an interesting walk. Views over bits of the city, into people’s porches, of their front steps, sometimes of their rooftops… But I have to work on this whole hill-walking thing…

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