Nov 242013

Very busy weekend. It started on Friday, with A. heading off to the Blue House to present her credentials. Just over a hundred days since we arrived, not too bad since they wait until there are a number pending before they schedule them all in one go. Afterwards, we had drinks at the residence for everyone with Ireland House. Both the presentation and drinks went well.


Saturday was Thanksgiving! Yes, I know it’s actually this Thursday, but when you’re an expat, the whole world doesn’t take a few days off for Thanksgiving, so it might move to a weekend. We normally use the next weekend, but next Saturday we’re going on the USO tour of the DMZ. We were 9 in all, but this year for the first time we opened up a teenagers table, for F., the teens of 3 of our guests, and any friends that f. Wanted to invite (1 of her 3 invitees was able to come). So 14 in all. The redoubtable Mrs. Kim made pies on the Friday, we made the stuffing together (well, I made the stuffing but Mrs. Kim & Elaine helped with the prep.

Cranberry sauce was already made, using Joyce’s ginger cranberry sauce recipe (and she’s right, BTW, cranberry sauce is dead easy). Curiously, for the first time ever the sauce set almost instantly. As I had not expected even to find cranberries, I didn’t quite know what to say. Anyway, pecan & apple pies (2 each) done. Saturday was the turkey, finish the stuffing (don’t put in that raw egg until you’re about to cook it!), green beans with toasted lemons, sweet potato with ginger, mashed pottoes, green salad, a couple of baguettes…

Invited for 7pm, the guests mostly stayed I until midnight. A great evening, but sad to know already that some of our new friends will have moved by this time next year. And, after 5 Thanksgivings in a row with Andreas & Cristina (and Josie, of course), and now without them, it suddenly reminded me that we really have left Brussels. But it’s always about friends & family here and not here, isn’t it?

AnywY, then tonight we were invited by the Wightmans to “a Night of D-minor Concertos”by British concert pianist Peter Donohoe at the Sepul Art Centre Concert Hall, with the Ewha Philharmonic Orchestra. Wow! I normally fall asleep at classical concerts (going straight into REM sleep) but this kept me awake, between the superb performance and (for me) nice selection of music.

So… A busy weekend.

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