Jul 112020

July 6: Finished laying the foundation for the terrace and the extension to the patio.  Chopped down the palm tree in the front garden & took out the stump.  

July 8: Started laying the flagstones!  Most of the terrace and a start on the patio extension!  A bit of a wet day, but not too chilly.  The first photo is an action shot of the lads at work. 

July 9:  Still wet, a bit chillier.  No sign of the workmen.

July 10:  Much better weather, and great progress on the stone work (but a bit more to do in the back still).  First two shots are early this morning; the rest, very late in the day.  The existing patio is extremely dirty, and is not actually as dark as it looks.  There’ll be a bit of contrast though, even after the new stone has aged, but not too much.  

July 13 & 14 (mostly the 13th):  Finished most of the flagstones (still have the edge pieces to do), and the borders.  Turned over a bit of earth.








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