Nov 212013

This is the actual text of an email from my daughter’s school last week.  I later learned that there were several such incidents — which all made the news — in Seoul that week.  So not as unusual as all that!

Dear SFS Parents,
Just wanted to let you know of an unusual incident that occurred this morning at School. Sometime this morning, a wild pig came onto our campus from the Ansan Mountain and was found in the residential area. Our GA Staff and security personnel chased the pig into Yunhee Manor and the police sharp-shooter arrived to slay the pig. The officials have removed the pig and all is well.

Thankfully our students were never in danger but may have heard the rifle shots.

If you would like more details, please do feel free to call me.

At SFS, there is never a dull moment.

Have a nice weekend,

There was no word as to the fate of the pig’s carcass — enquiring minds want to know if lunch (somewhere) was a pig pickin’ the next day!


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