Aug 092013

I started this on the day after we landed…  was interrupted less than a paragraph into it, haven´t gotten back to this blog since.  It’s been a week (!), but here it is, with a bit of an update.

We landed at Incheon Int’l Airport at around 14:00 yesterday. It was a pretty good flight. KAL gives enough legroom, which was a nice surprise, and we all got a decent bit of sleep. Ruth & some of the Embassy team met us at the gate, and we headed into

Well, we headed into Seoul, directly to the residence.  It was all kind of surreal, as things often are at that point, but the house was great — nothing the way we (or at least I) had pictured it.  Didn’t feel like “our” house, though, as we then turned around and went to the Somerset Palace Hotel, We stayed there from that night (Thursday the 8th) until Friday of the next week, when we moved into the residence.

The Somerset was a nice place — serviced apartments, 1 block from A’s office, close to the government district, to the Palace, to the financial district.  I’m not really sure where the time went from then until we moved in —  getting F ready for school, actually going to the school, some dealing with Sophie The Cat and her epic journey here, maybe a bit of shopping.

But the time did go, and quickly.  We moved into the residence yesterday (air shipment arrived & the painting was done 2 days ago) and did a Big Shop after leaving the Somerset & actually moving here.

Does it feel like home already, or is that just relief at not having to packup yet again?

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