Apr 132015

2014-11 pheasant 2Last Friday, I thought my computer was making horrible about-to-crash noises. But it turned out to be coming from outside, some kind of bird — a ring-necked pheasant, we figured out later, after That Girl saw it on Saturday morning. I spotted it again this morning, as I was heading out to my office, and even got a picture of it (but not very good, think “picture of Big Foot”).  Those things move fast, and the sun in my eyes (wild birds can be wily :-) didn’t help any.

But this isn’t the first time this bird has been here:  Aingeal saw it outside our kitchen last fall, and took a really good picture.

If you want a better idea what they look like, or to hear their call (which by the way, is very loud when just outside your window), here’s a video from YouTube (this is someone else’s video — not of ‘our’ bird!).

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