Apr 072015

2015-03-05 Seongbuk-dong drainage (a guess)Cleaning out the pics on my phone… here’s a shot of workmen preparing the stream near our house for spring.  The stream comes out from underground just next to our metro station (Hansung University station) — I assume it’s buried before there.

The stream probably drains most of our neighborhood, Seongbuk-dong, which is essentially a little bowl-shaped valley (see satellite view to the right… dotted-red line is roughly the ridge-tops, solid blue is the stream and dotted-blue is my guess for the original course of the stream).

I don’t know the name of the spring, but it’s a tributary of the mighty CheongGyeCheon — the fantastic stream that winds its way through a lot of central Seoul.  Like CheongGyeCheon, “our” stream has paths along the side & gets a lot of pedestrian traffic.  Very pleasant, both of them.

2015-03-05 Getting ready for spring

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