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2013-09-28 Insadong 1231 banner

On Saturday, 28-Sept, A. and I went for lunch in Insadong, a neighborhood in Seoul, with our Korean teacher.  2013-09-28 Insadong 1219 Galbi TangWe started out at a place which, she said, was frequented by older Koreans as it was more traditional.  There we had galbi tang (갈비 탕) and chicken ginseng soup (samkyeh tang 삼계탕), both of which were lovely.  The chicken soup has a whole small chicken in it, simmered until the meat is falling off the bone, a characteristic it shared with the ribs.

From there, we went to a place that specialized in dumplings in the style of northern Korea.  Like the first place, it’s apparently been around since the year dot.  2013-09-28 Insadong 1221 dumplingsHere, we shared Seafood and Green Onion Jeon (헤몰파전 [spelling?]) and Gaeseong dumplings (개성만두씸).  There was a queue to get in , for good reason, and in the window you could see dumplings being put together.

After that, we really didn’t have room for any more food!  So a stop at a nearby tea-house, where I had lovely pomegranite tea (easy choice for me) and A. had five-flavour berry (오미자) tea, which was super (she later bought some berries, to try making it at home).

2013-09-28 wierd icecream on 8-AugThe teahouse was one flight up (1st floor to Europeans, 2nd floor to Koreans and Americans, and just confusing to poor old me), with a view onto the main street in Insadong, and of the wierd ice cream shop (see the banner above).  The cones are corn cylinders, open at both ends, that are filled with ice cream.  F. had some in early August (shown here).

Disaster Waiting To Happen

Disaster Waiting To Happen

Aside from being the coldest icecream that I have ever tried, the basic design is like a disaster waiting to happen when inevitably A Small Child gets their hands on one.

Then we bid Diane goodbye until the next class and it was time for wandering and shopping.  Not much shopping was actually done (I did buy 1 Xmas present).

While we knew that Insadong was having a bit of a festival that day, we didn’t expect to come out of one shop to find a traditional drum parade coming down the street to us!  Here are a few very short videos of the parade.  In the 4th video, the streamers that the drummers are twirling are attached to the tops of their heads.

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