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2014-10-11 Seoul City Wall 119 banner2014-10-11 Seoul City Wall 059 map smallerWeekend before last, I did a nice walk along a good bit of the next stretch of the Seoul City Wall.  Maybe too much:  I did the Heunginjimun Gate Section and most of the Namsan(Mongmyeoksan) Mountain Trail, including right up to the top of Namsan Mountain.  (On the map to the right, I went from the 1st arrow at top-right to the second at bottom-middle.)

2014-10-11 Seoul City Wall 006I started at Dongdaemun Gate (left), where I’d ended up on my last City Wall walk (with a walk back home, which limits how far you’re going to go).  From there, it’s flat city walking for a little while, right through the Dongdaemun fashion district with the fantastic Dongdaemun Design Plaza (I also took a video of the Design Plaza, at http://youtu.be/ q7lzbQ0qxd0).

2014-10-11 Seoul City Wall 069Then, through the small Gwanghuimun Gate (which was hard to find) & a very short section of wall before the route switches to streets for a bit.  From there to the bottom of Namsan Mountain is a proper wall again.  The climb up the mountain was a bit further than I thought, and my recently-sprained ankle had had enough when we got to the plaza at the foot of Seoul Tower.

2014-10-11 Seoul City Wall 113So just a walk around there for the views(I didn’t go up the Tower), and then I took the cablecar & the funicular down to Namdaemun Market for a bite of lunch.  And finally a taxi home.

Funny thing is… I realize now that I didn’t take any pictures of Seoul Tower!  So here’s one from the Internet (credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/tokism/6909376149/ ).  Next time I’m up there, maybe I’ll take one and update this posting.seoultower




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