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I am endlessly fascinated by the rules governing public foot transportation here, specifically escalators & stairs, particularly in the subway. We saw some of that in Tokyo too, e.g., the “Do Not Rush!” signs that so amused me. Don’t get me wrong: a lot of these rules are a good idea! I’m just not used to seeing them publicized (nor obeyed!, especially after the previous 10 years in either Ireland or Belgium).

So, how could I resist this incredibly comprehensive poster on a Seoul metro? I’ve rotated the picture so that the top of the escalator in the poster is at the top… I was on the “wrong” side to get it properly oriented.

2014-10-11 How To Ride the Escalator

In order (L to R, Top to Bottom):

  • Priority to pregnant women (&/or with children) and to old people: Not a clear message in the image, but the text (Google translate) says to give seniors and caregivers priority. OK, I’m with that.
  • This looks like “don’t beat your head against the handrail!”. Google Translate isn’t helping… I’m just getting something about open wounds. Yuck. I don’t want to be that person!
  • Don’t need to translate this — sadly, it’s been in the news about new rules specifically prohibiting taking photos up women’s dresses. Double Yuck.
  • My favorite: Do Not Rush!
  • The Red Circle of Good Behavior: Standing while holding the handrail.  Not walking.  Standing.  In big department stores, soothing voices in 3 languages advise you to stand, not walk… at least I haven’t heard that on the subway (yet).
  • Don’t drink & ride the escalator. Hmmmm… if you’re doing that, perhaps you have bigger problems than a possible escalator accident?
  • Here’s what happens to those who don’t hold the handrail. You Have Been Warned.
  • Don’t slide down the bannister (or handrail in this case). No kidding. Perhaps (see above) you’ve been drinking?
  • Get Off the Escalator. Yes! One of my pet peeves: people who stop right at the bottom of the escalator. Even more irritating than people who stop in doorways for a cozy chat — at least then you can avoid bumping into them.Bottom line?

Conclusion?  Actually these are very sensible.  OK, I don’t agree with the”don’t walk” admonition in the Red Circle, and I’m surprised they include neither “don’t sit on the steps” nor “face forward”, but those are quibbles.

Now all I have to do is find out about the figure with open wounds…

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  1. Very funny, enjoyed that thanks.

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