Oct 122014

2014-08-10 Chef To Go 03 banner2014-08-10 Chef To Go 012014-08-10 Chef To Go 02A new lunch place opened up down on Seongbuk-ro, the big road at the bottom of our hill.  My friend Kathy is crazy about it, says she wants to work there to learn Korean cooking, and that the cook is, for now, the owner’s mother.  That’s the owner in the photo above.  Place is new, modern, clean & pleasant — that’s a nice change, as lunch places can often be a bit heavy on the formica and flourescent lighting.

In fact, I’d quite forgotten about this place, but ran into Kathy & Ann Marie when I was out for lunch & considering where to go & they’d just eaten there & said that I should go there.  So I did.

2014-08-10 Chef To Go 03Kathy recommended the Kimchi Prawns, but in the event I was served the Teriyaki Chicken.  Oh well.  It was OK, but I’m not a big fan of dishes with packaged sauce (in that category it was excellent… which gives it just OK overall).

So… worth another try, especially for the Kimchi Prawns.

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