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2014-10-08 Bugaksan Temple Trails 10 banner I’ve been out on the last two Wednesdays, having a nice hike with the Seongbuk-dong Expat Group.  Svetlana’s been leading the hikes, and there’s a good number of people so far.  The Seongbuk-dong Expat Group dropped the word “Ladies” from its name shortly before I joined, though that may explain why I hadn’t heard of it until then ;-)  They’re a nice bunch, but I haven’t made it to any lunches after the first that I went to, the timing has not worked well for me.  Maybe next month.

Both Wednesdays so far, we’ve walked on the north slope below the Bugak Skyway, where there’s a real cluster of temples.  I’ve been meaning to get down there sometime, and am sorry that I left it so long — there are some very nice trails in addition to all the temples.

Those Wednesday hikes have also been a bit of putting my toe back in the water (as it were) after spraining my ankle, and buoyed by how well my ankle felt after last Wednesday, I went on a very long hike today, of which more later hopefully.

Anyway, here’re the photos:



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