Oct 122013


I was on a quest to find a somewhat larger pan in which one could cook (poach, ideally, but bake would do) a whole salmon, and ended up at Namdaemun market. Where I’ve been before, most recently in fact the day before to buy the &!@#% salmon, but today turned out very nicely ere. No, I didn’t get the pan (found one, I think, but too late, and anyway I need to measure the oven first and check with the redoubtable Mrs. Kim that it’s deep enough).

Anyway, the search, like all good searches revealed a treasure trove of other things, including a lady selling around 15 beautifully rip figs for 10,000 won (around 7 euro or 10 dollars, which seemed a good price for the gems. Any country that grows figs has clearly got some of the basics right. Now, figs and mangos… You’d really be talking. I live in hope.

20131012-203101.jpgI also found a place that sells candles. Not that you can’t find candles… Just that your basic tall thin dinner-table type candle has been conspicuous by its absence. Tea-light candles, any number of wide candles, but not candles, if you follow me. But entering a building more-or-less at random, there they were. And a few stalls selling them too. Nothing like choice. So, a small but unexpected win!

20131012-203330.jpgI also bought a set of Korean chopstick/spoon sets. Curiously the residence has none; probably (as I’ve just done) our predecessors bought ones that they liked for themselves and kept them. Not really needed for entertaining, after all.

20131012-202939.jpgAll that was followed up by a nice bulgogi 분고기 at a teeeeensy little restaurant in a narrow little alley full of other miniscule restaurants. Mine probably sat 24 people in what seemed like about as many square feet (probably was 3 or 4 metres square).  The street’s layout is:  alley in the middle, then the kitchens on the “outside” of the buildings, and then the dining rooms.  Bit different than I am used to, but being able literally to see what’s cooking does help choosing which restaurant!  Nice meal, the omlette was a surprise but tasty.  BTW, the toilet paper is for use as napkins, which is apparently fairly common in such places.


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