Sep 262014

Well, it’s been quite the Week for Art.  First the Biennale in Gwangju (about which I’ve not yet posted anything) and then a visit to the opening of the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), where we met a couple of Irish artists.  One of whom, composer Karen Power, went on an Arctic Circle Residency along with video artist Sungpil Han and technician Jinuk Baek.  They have a joint exhibit in the interactive section of KIAF.

Sungpil Han & Jinuk Baek had images from the Arctic, with an interactive system that would insert the visitors pictures into the scene when they crossed an (unmarked) line, but that wasn’t working jus then.  All that was overlayed with music by Karen Power, made from recordings of the Arctic ice & icebergs (which, it turns out, are a lot noisier than anyone expected… all the little bubbles in the ice make noise as they break free from the melting ice!).

Click for full size picture (all pics are full-size so the linked picture may load slowly)

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