Jul 312013

Drafted a couple of days ago, but I got too busy to finish it…

We’re out of the house: all the stuff to gat rid of is gone, including a couple of furniture sales at the last minute; the last of uncountable trips to the Bruxelles Proprété’s containerparc has been made; the movers have taken everything away; we’ve done the etats des lieux with the landlady; the utilities are in her name… A few more little, last minute, jobs remaining, but this end of the move is almost done.

After the movers took all the beds on Wednesday, we stayed in a friend’s flat (not just friends… Andreas & Cristina, our first & closest friends here, very dear), while they drove to Spain & back to pick up their daughter. Now, last night, they’re back, and we moved into a hotel. Despite all the moving work done, the effects gone out the door into big trucks, only now do I feel as if we’re actually travelling (even though we’ve not left town)… the rest was just getting ready.

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