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2014-08-21 01 new router

Had to go get another wireless router today, as one of the ones at home has given up the ghost. Since they’re so prevalent in Korea, and since I have a WiFi Extender of the same brand, I bought an ipTIME model N704-V3.

Now, I want to change the name — I already have an “ipTIME” router — and ensure that there is no encryption (a whole ‘nother discussion possible on that!). First thing: turn off the wireless router in my office: it’s the other “ipTIME”, and I don’t want to mess with it.


2014-08-21 02 main menuPlugged it in right out of the box and hooked it up to the laptop with an Ethernet cable. Open the browser, go to, and we get the default ipTIME maintenance menu.  Click on the yellow gear button and we’re off.

The third menu option is what we want to change the name and check the encryption.


2014-08-21 03 name and encryptionFirst, change the name to something else (I’m fond of characters from P.G. Wodehouse novels for this).

Then, check the encryption:  it’s already by default set up not to use any encryption.  If you click on the box that I’ve conveniently labelled (“Do not use encryption”) you get a dropdown menu with around a dozen choices.  I’m not sure whether you also need to check the box to the right (also translated in the screenshot), but probably.

Finally, click on the “Apply” button to save the settings.

And we’re done almost done…

Now I have to unplug the ethernet cable from the new N704-V3 wireless router and plug it into my ipTIME wifi extender, and reset that to use the new wireless router.  Fortunately, I wrote up instructions for that around a year ago.

And now we are done!  Assuming, of course, that it all plays nice when I take it up stairs and plug all the bits in & turn them on.  What could go wrong…?



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