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2014-08-23 Yoghurt 09 bannerSome months ago, I started making yoghurt, as the yoghurt here isn’t much to my taste.  Except for 1 brand, all the yoghurt is sweetened.  And “the good stuff” both isn’t great and is often sold out (no surprise, I think to myself…).  So I found a yoghurt maker (that was a surprise) and got started.  I let it stew in the pots for a very long time, and it comes out fairly tart.

I’ve changed my technique since these pictures were taken in May:  now I put a half a teaspoon of my starter yoghurt into each pot, and disolve the rest into the milk before filling the pots.

 Posted by on 23 Aug 2014

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  1. Farmers’ market for you!!

    • You think? I can only make 2 litres a day with the unit I have (and I’d need to look pretty sharp to do that). But I am going to continue making yoghurt after we’re back in Dublin!

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