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2014-08-15 Hongdae 02 bannerLast weekend, we dropped in on the neighborhood of Hongdae, which is quite close to That Girl’s school, quite well known “in the expat community” and hitherto quite unvisited by us.  Hongdae (홍대) is an abbreviation of Hongik Daehakgyo, the Hongik University (홍익대학교).

2014-08-15 Hongdae 12We parked at the north end, and walked south, to our objective:  the KT&G Sansang Madang, which was supposed to be some sort of modern art museum.  Another objective was the Free Market, where for 10,000 won (around 7.25 euro or $10) you can rent a stall — supposed to be a quirky selection of often handmade stuff, but it wasn’t really going when we passed by.  Maybe next time we’ll go in the evening… might just be a better time!

On the way there, we ran across the incongruous Castle Praha, a brew-pub / Czech restaurant / souvenir shop, which while totally fake really did seem like an ancient central European town hall for that first moment.  What a laugh!  But I must return to try its beer.

2014-08-15 Hongdae 222014-08-15 Hongdae 01The KT&G however was open: the ground floor is a design store — all sorts of fascinating things, real “toys for adults” territory — the museum is one flight up, and the top floor is a restaurant.  And that flight up was worth it:  an exhibit of photographs by Robert Doisneau. which I had wanted to see but thought I’d missed due to being out of town on vacation all July.  So we worked our way up: shop to museum to restaurant.

2014-08-15 Hongdae StCoqThe restaurant was French, mostly serving excellent free-range chicken (which A. & I shared, roasted) but also other things (like our starter, a great caesar salad, or the seafood risotto That Girl chose).  A definite place to stop for lunch in Hongdae, and I’d even drive to go there if I was already nearby.

After that, we moseyed our way back to the car & home.

Here are a few pics to give a sense of the neighborhood:


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