Jan 062015

Hoodhot_sample2Now this is a seriously good idea:  an app for your iPhone to tell the taxi driver where you want to go in another (the local) language.  Good enough that I’m giving it a plug.

It’s actually a small database of popular/useful sites with taxi instructions in the local language.  Browse or search… find the entry for the hotel, restaurant, theatre, etc that you’re going to… click on the “Show Taxi Card” button… and instructions in the local language appear.  Show said instructions to the taxi driver, and you’re off.   Your destination not listed?  You can add new listings (e.g., I’ve added my home), although I can’t seem to edit a custom card once I’ve created it.

So they’ve added a bit of icing:  brief reviews of the places (at least all the listings I’ve looked at have reviews).   And you can share the instructions in text form by email or SMS.  (Or just take a screenshot & email/SMS that!).  So very nice.

Only drawback is:  limited number of cities.   But well focused on “far away places with strange sounding names” or, at least, non-latin alphabets… like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Cairo, Hangzhou, and (vital for me) Seoul, as well as Buenos Aires & Mexico City.  They’ve also got some slightly different apps for Tokyo & London.

Now, if you had a pal or a colleague who’d do the translations, you could do up a few of these yourself & save them as screenshots or something.  Which is another idea, and not a bad one.  But still, a lot to be said for HoodHot’s apps, particularly if you’re visiting or new to a place.

How to find the App

(a) Search the App Store for “Hoodhot”.
(b) Go to their website (on your iPhone)  http://hoodhottravel.com/products/taxi-guides


 Posted by on 06 Jan 2015