Jul 132014

We had a great time in Brussels the week before last, but it didn’t involve a lot of tourism or seeing a lot of people (we went for quality not quantity on that front!)… so not much to say and few pictures to share!  And I was working the entire week.  But it was great!

We stayed with our friends Mark & Dirk, who were out of town unfortunately, but we enjoyed spending time with Dirk’s mother Georgette, who was house-sitting (and who is a sweetheart just like Dirk!), and we saw a good bit of our very close friends Andreas & Cristina, who also visited us in Seoul a few months ago.  Really, if M&D had been in town, I think it would have been a perfect visit.  Our next stop was Madrid…  but this post is about Brussels.

So here are a few pics that capture the essence of the trip:  seeing friends, eating nice food, a bit of shopping.  As always, click  on a picture for the full-size version (the ones of people are print-quality originals).



 Posted by on 13 Jul 2014