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2014-06-05 Due Cose pizza 06 banner2014-06-05 Due Cose pizza 08Recently recommended by my friend Kathy Namovich, here’s a place that I should have gotten to months ago.  Actually, this is one of two such places that I’ve been to in the past week, the first “Lunch Project” restaurants in a while (we’re counting this even though it was actually dinner).



Cozy pizza parlour within walking distance of the house (yes, yes, with the hill we’ll probably drive but still).  Decent thin-crust pizza cooked in a real pizza oven, albeit a gas-fired one.  No wine but you can BYO.  Except for the walking distance, you’re probably thinking “so what?  a decent pizza place?  no biggie”.

But the pizza that I’ve had so far has had thick, soft crusts, too much cheese and waaaay too much other stuff (c’mon people, more is not always better), often a bit sweet (what’s with that?).  Not to mention the bizarre topping selections that I don’t try.  Sorry, I’ll try almost anything and like most of them… but in a few selected areas I can be a real traditionalist, where “tradition” means “what I am used to”. [Edit: no, it’s not just me. See http://zenkimchi.com/featured/wtf-dominos-koreas-new-world-cup-monstrosity/. ]

Siciliana.  Note nice thin, crisp crust.

Siciliana. Note nice thin, crisp crust.

My Dining Companion.  "Is he taking my picture?  He'd better not be taking my picture..."

My Dining Companion. “Is he taking my picture? He’d better not be taking my picture…”

OK, my Siciliana pizza was slightly heavy on the cheese, but within normal parameters.  That Girl had the 4 Formaggi, which was a white pizza to her surprise (I have seen it that way, but also with tomato sauce… which is “right”, if there is such a thing?).

On top of that, it was just me and That Girl for dinner — alway a pleasure to have her as a dining companion.  And what teenager doesn’t like pizza?

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2014-05-31 Yeouido 02 bannerYesterday, Aingeal & I went for a nice walk around Yeouido Island.  OK, not all the way around, but from the Yeouinaru metro station to the tip of the island and

A rare shot of Peter!

A rare photo of Peter!

then back to the middle of the island for some shopping.   Yeouido apparently means “useless island” (per Wikopedia, it literally “You can have it” island).  The National Assembly Building is on Yeouido, and so are a lot of banks and other financial institutions. But the entire island is only fairly recently developed (the Nat’l Assembly in 1975, for example), so much of it has a bit of a sterile feel for me.

note tents in the background

Note the tents (in the background)

Anyway, from the Yeouinaru metro we walked straight down to the Han River.  The Hangang park goes most of the way around Yeouido, and is a very wide grassy park, intersected by wide paved avenues for walkers or for cyclists.

A lot of people come there on weekends, particularly Sunday I think as it was quite empty during our Saturday visit.  Small camping tents are very popular, I would have assumed for protection from the sun except that even under the bridges you see them setup.

2014-05-31 Yeouido 21The park is really lovely, with a lot of broad grass where you can sit or play, the paths, shaded benches, some fountains (where children can play, I’m happy to report) etc.  There’s even a music pavilion down by the water where they have occasional concerts.

2014-05-31 Yeouido 16There was one fountain where, right after I took that picture, a dad & his two young sons came around from the far side of the fountain and got drenched leaning against the wall where the water was cascading over.  Fun times on a hot day!

2014-05-31 Yeouido 29A lot of the walk was on these wide walkways (we took the one down by the river!), but at a certain point it became a path through reeds, grasses & small trees — you would hardly have realized you were in such a big city.  We rounded one bend to see a view down the river, including a distant but truly colossal fountain of water spraying straight up in to the sky.  It kept spraying the whole time we were able to see in that direction.

There are some fantastic views of the skyline across the river, but there wasn’t a lot of river traffic:  a tour boat, a water skier and a couple on a jetski who looked as if they were having a great time!

Yeouido Marina with National Assembly in the background

Yeouido Marina with National Assembly in the background

When we got to the tip, we found the Yeouido Marina, where we had lunch outside overlooking the boats.  The buffet was OK (though the salads were excellent), and with a cold beer on such a hot day it was perfect.  Definitely a place I want to go back to.

2014-05-31 Yeouido 32

Under the cherry trees

After that we cut up to the road overlooking the park to walk over to the IFC Mall (IFC = Int’l Finance Center; 3 huge skyscrapers + a huge hotel + the underground mall).  Serendipity: we stumbled across the Cherry Trees (which we’d missed when in bloom; next year!), making most of the walk a shady stroll indeed.

2014-05-31 Yeouido 33

Yeouido Park

In addition to Hangang Park, Yeouido is bisected by a park, pretty much from one shore to another (see satellite view below).  It’s around 2.4 km all the way around it… visions of bankers and stock brokers doing their laps of the park during lunch… It has three sections, of which the one we were in was lovely.  If it wasn’t over 10km away, I’d go there more often!



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