Feb 252014

Very high “yellow dust” index these past few days. It’s not actually yellow dust, blown up from the Gobi Desert, although that’s what the index was created to measure… Right now it’s more like yesterday’s smog from Beijing.

Yesterday at around 4pm, I gazed at the sun, until I remembered what a bad idea it was, and how the sun’s brightness normally reminds you of that. Not going outside for a walk today either.





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Feb 222014

A couple of photos that Bonnie Caldwell shared with me at the lunch at the house on S. Franklin Street, Alexandria, after Joyce’s funeral.  Sorry for the quality of the photos… I snatched a quick shot of her prints with my iPhone, which is what you see here!  It was good to see Bonnie & Jim, whom I haven’t seen for a long time, and we had a nice chat.

First, of Bonnie, her two children, Joyce, Dana and me.  It would have been in the house on Q Street NW, sometime in the mid to late 1980’s (probably a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, from the table!).  Bonnie still looks much the same, I’m happy to say.

1980s Bonnie Caldwell, her kids, Joyce, Dana, Peter.

Next another shot from Q Street NW, probably a bit later, of Dana, Joyce, Bonnie and Jim.

D&J and B&J maybe 1980s


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Feb 082014

The funeral for my late Aunt Joyce will be held later today.  Night before last, there was a dinner for most of the close relatives and friends, and the Visitation (what in Ireland would be called the Removal) was last night.  It was very nice to see, or meet in some cases, so many people who knew and loved Joyce.  She was my only Aunt, but as I said at one point, “quality over quantity”.

2013-02-14 Joyce (at home)


2013-02-14 Joyce and Peter


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