Jul 312013

Drafted a couple of days ago, but I got too busy to finish it…

We’re out of the house: all the stuff to gat rid of is gone, including a couple of furniture sales at the last minute; the last of uncountable trips to the Bruxelles Proprété’s containerparc has been made; the movers have taken everything away; we’ve done the etats des lieux with the landlady; the utilities are in her name… A few more little, last minute, jobs remaining, but this end of the move is almost done.

After the movers took all the beds on Wednesday, we stayed in a friend’s flat (not just friends… Andreas & Cristina, our first & closest friends here, very dear), while they drove to Spain & back to pick up their daughter. Now, last night, they’re back, and we moved into a hotel. Despite all the moving work done, the effects gone out the door into big trucks, only now do I feel as if we’re actually travelling (even though we’ve not left town)… the rest was just getting ready.

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Jul 202013

I’ve been filling idle moments (when not taking rubbish to the dump, organizing what we’re keeping or tending to my body’s demands for food, drink & sleep) either reading (currently on Andrei Lankov’s ‘The Real North Korea’) or signing up to dozens of Korea-themed tweets. So far, mostly politics related, but I can see the rot starting to spread, e.g. A Dublin Bus whose tweets are a hoot as my sister would no doubt say. There is no end to that… Some people are following hundreds and hundreds of twitter feeds.

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Jul 182013

I’m listening to a jazz concert on my laptop through my iPad. Found a fantastic program StreamToMe. It does just that: the ‘ServeToMe’ companion program on my lap top does the streaming, the ‘StreamToMe’ appon the iPad lets me browse the folder or drive, pic a song, and play it (streaming) on the iPad. Works like a charm, and even supports FLAC which is the format that 95% of the concerts are in. Cowabunga!

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Jul 182013

Three trips to dump rubbish so far today. Well, two, but the car is loaded up for the next trip, once I’ve had my lunch and a very short sit down. Can’t lose momentum.

And it looks as if the furniture situation vis à vis our departure is sorted out: the landlady (herself moving in next door, even as I type) will let us leave the furniture in the garage and let the Salvation Army (that’s Armée de Salud?) in to pick it up after we’ve left.

Times up! Off to the dump!!

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