Sep 262014

Well, it’s been quite the Week for Art.  First the Biennale in Gwangju (about which I’ve not yet posted anything) and then a visit to the opening of the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), where we met a couple of Irish artists.  One of whom, composer Karen Power, went on an Arctic Circle Residency along with video artist Sungpil Han and technician Jinuk Baek.  They have a joint exhibit in the interactive section of KIAF.

Sungpil Han & Jinuk Baek had images from the Arctic, with an interactive system that would insert the visitors pictures into the scene when they crossed an (unmarked) line, but that wasn’t working jus then.  All that was overlayed with music by Karen Power, made from recordings of the Arctic ice & icebergs (which, it turns out, are a lot noisier than anyone expected… all the little bubbles in the ice make noise as they break free from the melting ice!).

Click for full size picture (all pics are full-size so the linked picture may load slowly)

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Sep 262014

Here are somd pics from Tuesday, when we went to Asakusa Temple and then on to the Roppongi Hills.  First, the story of the temple; then some pictures from our visit & stroll in the neighborhood, and finally our visit to Roppongi Hills (not “hills” so much as “skyscraper on a hill, with a viewing deck”).

The next day, our last, Aingeal & I went to a museum.

The Senso-ji (Asakusa kannon Temple) Story

These were displayed on the pedestrianized street leading up to the temple proper.  The street itself is mostly given over to souvenir stalls & shops, selling some kitsch, perhaps, but authentic kitsch.

Asakusa Temple (& its souvenir street entrance)

The River and metro across town to Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills




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Sep 042014

2014-09-04 Lotus Park 05 banner
2014-09-04 Lotus Park 032014-09-04 Lotus Park 09Yes, I know that I posted about the Lotus Pond Park before, but a year’s gone by and it was looking lovely this morning.  Left a bit earlier than usual — saw my friend & neighbor Bill walking past just as That Girl was heading down to the bus stop at “the Sev”(-en 11, that is) — and thought I’d stretch out my walk a bit with a couple of circuits of the park (Bill had to get home & to work).

It rained last night, a real torrent, but this morning the air was cool, clean and clear, so our constitutional on the Skyway was lovely.  What better time to revisit the Lotus Pond?  And it was looking great!

2014-09-04 Lotus Park 012014-09-04 Lotus Park 12When I’d just finished my 2nd lap of the park (imagine a sideways figure-8, but very high and narrow — that’s a bit what the trails in the park are shaped like), I hear a phone ringing at an empty exercise station.  Some hunting around was fruitless, but they called back, and this time I found it.  Unsurprisingly, it was a Korean (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-Korean in the park or, for that matter, ever using any exercise area), no doubt the lady who forgot her phone.  And me with no Korean… Fortunately, an ajumma* happened by.  I gave her the phone and indicated what had happened (mime!  it has its uses!).  A long conversation later, all was sorted out, the phone’s owner will collect it somehow, the ajumma & I thanked each other with much bowing.  And so to home, my good deed for the day done.

*  아줌마 in Korean.  Wikipedia says “a Korean word literally meaning “aunt”, however, it is most often used to refer to any middle-aged or older woman”.  Yes, but I think calling an older woman “Aunt” or “Auntie” is found in a lot of cultures… “Grannie” or “Grandma” might be rude, as making her sound old, hence “Auntie”…?

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