Aug 082020

July 29th:  They put in the border around the 3rd ring – now you can see the full plan.  (The sharp-eyed reader might have noticed that we missed the 28th, when it rained.)

July 30th:   Almost there:  gravel on the 3rd ring, more plants.

July 31st:  Back garden finished!

A panoramic view of the garden

and a video tour


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Jul 232020

July 20th:  They’ve put in the sod — started putting up the wooden fence!

July 21st:  Annnd more fence!

July 22nd:  Only a bit more fencing — looks as if they spent the morning at the garden center.  


June 23rd:  Not much happening!


June 24th:  The wall is creeping around the edge of the garden.


June 25th:  This was Saturday, no no work, but just a couple more pics for the heck of it.


June 27th:  The fence is almost done — a bit of finishing, really.  More dirt was spread, and the 3rd & smallest circle, of gravel, has been laid out.  Pieces of wood are only there until tomorrow, will not cause any problem just overnight.




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Jul 202020

We had a nice walk today on the Slí na Slainte walk of the Lower Vartry Reservoir.  You can see the PDF of the walk here, from which I’ve taken the map to the right.  We started at the very bottom, and did the lower loop, 7.2 km (plus around 0.5 km as we missed the gate for the pathway at first).   More information also available from here.

There was a lot of some kind of waterplant, I think not lilies (which are round, I thought).  See the next-to-last picture for a closeup.

As always, click on a picture to get a larger version — click on that to get a full-size version — and the browser’s “back” button twice to get back here.




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Jul 202020

July 15th:  Finished the round patio.  Started laying the border for the lawn.  Moved the agapanthus from the front garden (you can see it best in the last photo).

July 17th:  Continued laying the lawn border.  Hauled in lots of wood for the fence.  Another view of the agapanthus.


July 18th:  Finished the lawn border.  Power-wash of the round terraza.



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