Oct 212015

A bit off topic – and yes, I plan to start posting here again soon, but in a drastically more photo-oriented way – I finally installed Windows 10 on my laptop.  It installed ok on the media laptop in the living room, but not on my personal laptop.

Problem:  Samsung RF511, Windows 7.whatever, with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card.

Solution:  After multiple failed installed with error C1900101-2000C, and much research, I finally found how to upgrade the NVIDIA driver.  But even that did not do the trick.  However… someone, somewhere, said just trash the NVIDIA card.  So, I disabled it everywhere, uninstalled all NVIDIA software.  And SHAZAAM!  Here we are with Windows 10, with the basic built-in INTEL graphics card.

Whether that was a good idea remains to be seen.  But what the heck… I’ve got 30 days to roll back “with no problems”.  Yeah, right!

Really, if they’re going to put these cards into computers, they should either resolve these issues or not even bother.

 Posted by on 21 Oct 2015
Sep 152015

Been a while since my last post, hopefully I’ll turn a new leaf now that autumn is here :-)

Here are some pictures of the houses and alleys on the side of the hill going down to Seongbuk-ro, the big road at the bottom of the hill.  Towards the top (the first 6 photos), they’re just little tiny houses all piled up on top of each other, but they were looking very nice in the bright September sunshine.  Further down, it opens up a bit, and you see a few more traditional houses (but mostly small modern buildings… not photographed).


 Posted by on 15 Sep 2015